The Nutty Brown Cafe – Review of Analysis and Mitigation

In November of 2009, I set up a sound level meter near a home in the vicinity of the Nutty Brown Cafe (NBC) in Dripping Springs to take measurements during a show.  I did this in response to the public discussion about some of the Nutty Brown’s neighbors being upset by music from the amphitheater.  Like …

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Venue Specific Outdoor Music Permits: How To Make Them Work

Presented here is a proposal for a system to determine sound level limits specific to music venues applying for outdoor music venue permits. Limit levels are developed according to an objective, repeatable methodology that examines a venue’s potential for noise impact exclusively. Sound level limits calculated in the analysis are then attached to the venue’s OMV permit. The benefit of this system is that music venues which are located, built, and arranged with the intention of reducing residential noise impacts are implicitly rewarded with higher limits for in-venue sound levels. Being a better neighbor is automatically incentivized.

For Your Convenience: The Austin Noise Ordinance

I’ve added a set of pages that have what I believe to be the entirety of sections dealing with noise limits from the City of Austin Code of Ordinances. You can access them through the link at the top right of the page. The Title pages contain entire chapters and sections, copied straight from the …

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What is the purpose of Austin Noise (.org)?

I created Austin Noise .org to act as a center for discussion specific to noise in Austin. It’s a topic of discussion that is more relevant here than in most other cities due to our rapid expansion and identity as a premier live music location. Following articles and discussions about the noise ordinance, community noise, …

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